Aluminum Overcast B-17 at Lawrence Airport

August 12, 2006

Planes on display:

  1. Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, Aluminum Overcast, owned by EAA
  2. North American SNJ-5 (AT-6D Texan), N7296C, owned by James Baker, Boxford, MA
  3. Navion L-17B, N1046W, AF Serial Number 46-1046

I’d hoped to fly my flying club’s lowly Cherokee 180 in a pattern with a B-17, but the wind was straight down the short Runway 32 and the B-17 needed the long Runway 5, and the strong 18-knot crosswind on Runway 5 kept the B-17 on the ground. The planes were surrounded by so many people that good pictures were hard to get. Lucky for EAA Chapter 106, unlucky for me.

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Aluminum Overcast nose art on front left fuselage nose.

Small children had trouble with the steep ladder down to the cat walk.

Cat walk through the bomb bay

Bomb bay

B-17 and AT-6D Texan

B-17 and Navion L-17B

AT-6D Texan

Navion L-17B